Saturday, March 24, 2012

Logan's turn.

So when we first got here it snowed. 
I haven't put up the pics yet,
 so here they are,
 but as i said in the post, 
it is Logan's turn.
So Logan is now 5 feet.
He reads a lot.
He is in a 4/5 split and told all the kids he was a fifth grader even though he is in 4th.
At recess he sometimes will preform "The Logan Show" for Lays and her friends.
He is unpredictable. Sometimes it's fun:)
Hank will go looking for "GoGo" whenever something doesn't go his way.
He is super fun to hang out with.
No fun to be around when you give him chores he isn't expecting.
Gets along with all his siblings, and I think he is all their favorite:)
We love you Log.


  1. Masaru has those same bone gloves.
    Must've been a special.
    I wanna see the 'Logan show'

  2. Oh Logan!!! you are terrific!!!! Asher read this and said "Logan is 5 feet!!!!!!!!!" love you Logan!

  3. What is "The Logan Show". From your cousin Asher.B