Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We love dressing up for Halloween!

Doesn't it look like Logan and Jay are giants compared
to Henry and Layla?

Logan and Jay can never decide what they want to be,
so this year on the 28th Logan decided he wanted to be
Logan- "because no one will think to be it
so I can be the only one!"
I am shocked it turned out so well, cause I actually
had to use my brain on this costume.

Jay changed his mind 1000 times, and finally
landed on this awesomely easy "dress up box"
Some of his other ideas were- Bat Man, Gator Man,
Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee(the transformer)...

Layla wanted to be a princess, so i convinced her that
is a princess. She went along with it, but would sometimes
tell people that she was going to be Snow White. I just couldn't
pass up my cousin Jades idea to do Goldie locks,

I could not find a bear outfit for Henry anywhere.
And by anywhere, I mean the whole 3 stores I frequent.
Thank heavens my sis Jacklyn likes to shop and
sent me this adorable costume!

Once upon a time
there was a spoiled little sweetie
who got whatever she wanted.
One day she went strolling through
the house and found...

Some nummy

But there was a new baby bear in the house,
and mamma and papa had made it for him!

So they growled their terrible growels and...
Poor little Goldie had to share!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Music & Lyrics

You know how people sing the wrong
words to songs all the time?
Not to make fun of my kids, but the other day
Layla and Tom were driving in the car and she
sounded like she was singing the right words so
Tom started to sing with her,
Tom- "Don't stand, don't stand,
don't stand so close to me!"
Layla- " No daddy, It's Ghost snacks!
Sing it right!
Ghost snacks, ghost snacks,
ghost snacks a close to me!"
I'm pretty sure she has HALLOWEEN on the brain.
And have you ever noticed that boys aren't usually
all that verbal?

Man, I love my "CRAZIES"

Friday, October 23, 2009


Poor thing

Could he be any cuter?
The chubby little Chubster!

I had to take a video of this.
I don't know why I find it so funny.


My little Jay man.
I just think he is so fun.
The things that kid will say!

This summer we went to the Zoo!
There were all sorts of real animals, but he thought
the coolest thing was this "stu-fen" animal.
Jay is our "middle child" I have loads of guilt over it.
#1. He is the middle boy
#2. The other boys are the first child, and last child.
#3. His only other sibling is the "only girl."
#4. He is my only baby who only got to be a baby
till he was 15 months. The others were over 3
and Henry will be the baby forever!
Sometimes we think he already realizes it!
So we "try" to be aware and even things out.
Tom coaches Logan's Baseball team,
and since Jay doesn't seem to like Baseball, we told him
that Tom would coach a soccer team if he wanted to play.
When we asked him he was like,
"I guess that could be cool."
He is hard to read, I still am not sure if he even cared at
all about actually playing. He definitely liked his cleats,
but didn't care much about chasing the ball. Sometimes he
wouldn't even run to the side where the ball was.
One time Tom actually picked Jay up, ran him down the
field, and placed him in front of the ball.
What a good daddy!

Speaking of SHOES!
(I promise that was a good transition!)
Jameson has big feet. It is something that he has
even noticed. Some of Logan's 8 year old friends have
smaller feet than Jay, who is 4 years old!
So the other day I was trying to get Logan to sleep
in in the morning, and I used Jameson as an example,
Me- "Logan if you don't get your
sleep then you can't grow."
Logan- "Mom, you grow when you eat
healthy food!"(little know it all!)
Me- " Healthy food helps you grow, but your
body only grows while you sleep!
That is why Jay is so big. He sleeps
way more than you!"
Jameson- really quietly mumbles
"what if only your feet grow bigger?"
What a cute kid!!! I don't know what I'd do without
my quick witted little Jim-Jam!
p.s. Is that sleeping thing true?
I heard it somewhere, but don't really know.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch 2009

We went to the pumpkin patch this Fall, and
had so much fun.

I didn't get a picture, but they have the best
freshly made mini doughnuts!

The little petting zoo was funny, the kids loved
feeding all the little babies.

Actually, Jay kind of got freaked out!

And so did Layla!

Then we went through the maze. This year it
looked like the B.S.U. Bronco

We got to climb these steps and see the
maze from up high, and yes Tom did know
we were taking this picture. I have no Idea
why it is so hard for him to figure out that
he would look better if he smiled!

He seems to have passed that gene on because
I asked Logan to smile, and this is what I got.

The sign at the beginning reads,
"No playing with the corn stalks!"
Tom is such a good example!

Layla is too stinking cute!

Here is Henry on my back cause he is way too
heavy for the front carrier. I'm jealous of
Jen, Myla is so small still. My kid is 6 months
in this pic, and weighs 22lbs, no kidding!

When we were done with the maze the owners asked
us if we would be willing to let our kids be testers for
a new haunted maze. We were excited to try it, but
Layla got a little freaked out. This is Layla and Az
on the chairs that pretended to electrocute you.

This canister had a clown that jumped out at
you. It even made Staci jump!

Poor Layla wouldn't turn her back on the clown.

This is where she lost it, and screamed out
at the top of her lungs "Shut up you IDIOT!"
I've never heard her talk like that, ... so we held
her for the rest of the maze and she was o.k.!

At the end we took a hay-bale-tractor ride.
Lays and Dax were so cute I couldn't stand it.
They are good friends.
We have a lot of great friends here.
But I still miss all the good old times I had
with my school buddies, and then with Tom's school
buddies. I will say this though, no matter where I
move I always seem to find my kind of people!
You know, the silly, crazy, loud, shocking, odd, nerdy,
and just know how to have a good time kind.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nick Names

All of my kids have different names that
we call them, and that they call each other.
Tom calls Logan The Happy Mule
I call Logan Log-aronie
Jay calls Logan Wog(can't say his L's yet)
Layla calls Logan Log(she can say her L's)

Tom calls Jameson Waki-saki-meatbal
I call Jameson Jim-Jam
Logan calls Jameson Jay-bone
Layla calls Jameson Jay-Jay

Tom calls Layla Wubzie
I call Layla Layla-belle
Logan calls Layla Lay
Jay calls Layla Layz

Tom calls Henry Hank the Tank
I call Henry Hen
Logan calls Henry Bub
Jay calls Henry Buggsy
Layla calls Henry Henners
The other day we were driving in the car
and Jay and Layla were talking to each other.
Jay-" Layz look at that huge bird."
Layla-" Wow Jay-Jay that's so cool"
It made them sound so old to me. Not only were they
not talking to me, but they weren't even talking like me!
They didn't need me to tell them what to look for out the window,
or what to call each other.
My children are growing up too fast.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mommie stories!

Layla Is My Little Angel
The other day we were all rushing to get
somewhere and were already late when
this all began.
I had just pulled Henry out of the bath,
he was lotioned, he was dressed,
and I had even done his hair when I realized he
needed to have his diaper changed for the 2oth
time that day. As I was changing him he decided
to do what all my baby boys have done and pee
all over the both of us!
I freaked out, re-grouped, bathed him again,
lotioned him again, and was just getting him dressed
again, when HE did it again!!!! So I had to bathe him
not once, not twice, but THREE times! Here is the play
by play.
Me- "Tom is everyone ready?"
Tom- "Yep!"
Me- "Ahhhhhhh! He is peeing all over! Help!"
Tom- "What do you want ME to do?"
Me- "I don't know, just HELP ME!"
Me- "Oh my heck! He did it again!!!!"
Tom- "No way!"
Me- "Yes way! Help me! I'm losing it!
...........I'm seriously losing it! "
Layla- "Mom, breath in through your nose,
................and out through your mouth!"
What would I do without my little Angel?
I call her an Angel, but as you can see, she
thinks she is a princess!

p.s. To clarify, it wasn't just pee! I just didn't want to write the other word! It is too gross:)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hilarious TWILIGHT Party

So my good friends Jen and Jen threw the most over the top

Here we are by the BLOOD red juice!
They were great decorators!
We had so much fun with all the animals everywhere.

Now which Cullen likes Griz? If you can answer
that, then I wish you were at the party!
Marie, Jen, me, and Staci all wore Twilight shirts!
Don't we look darling?

This is what my shirt said. I don't go for those easily
understood shirts. They are a little too "on the nose"
for me! Incidentally, where did that saying, "on the nose,"
come from? I know what it means, but why do we say it?

We had a special guest.

I know that in the book they don't have vampire teeth,
but they are so fun to wear!

We played a game called
"could you really be Edwards girl?"
We all held ICE to see who could stand being
ICE COLD the longest!

I couldn't resist a few snap shots!

Yes, ........... I know I am a NERD!

My favourite quote of the night was my, slightly more normal,
friend Missy asking "Why are you wearing eye lashes,
they don't have anything todo with the books?"
To which I replied "hey it's a party I can dress up if I want too!!!!"

O.K so the next morning I was doing my normal routine
and when I opened these curtains Edward was not there.
A little while later I went walking around the corner,
and almost had a heart attack! My no longer darling friend
thought it would be funny to stick him out my front window!!!!
I can not explain how freaked out it made me!
Not pleasent!

What A Long Trip!

Daniel &Christal
I took our two youngest
and drove to Salt Lake for my cousins wedding.
Almost all of my dads family came from Canada for it.

It was so much fun to see everyone.
So, now I am going to give you an in depth close up

on everything that happened. Be prepared for LOTS of
This is me and Peter, my youngest brother.

Now, in this picture, I look really guilty because
Jacklyn is not in it!

Mom and Soph are loving that cheesecake!

Henry LOVES Angela dancing with him!

I love these girls!

This picture of Henry loving his
Great Grandma is priceless! These two
have had a lot of people praying for them.
Miracles are everywhere!

Sorry, not the best one of Tom, but I look
wretched in the other one! Bloggers choice!

Then we drove all the way over to see Max
and Mel in the Tri Cities, to attend their baby
blessing. Little Brooklyn is a doll! Of course that
picture is Henry..........

This one is more about Brooklyn...

What a sweetie!

Henry is HUGE!

I am so glad these guys are back!
It is nice to have family around!
But that trip was murder! We ended up driving
over 20 hrs starting Thursday night, and ending
Sunday with two little kids. Actually the
driving was murder, but the trip was well worth it!