Monday, August 30, 2010

Yellowstone Trip!

Was so much fun, but the trip didn't start there. 
Tom had a lunch meeting in Idaho Falls on Friday, so we ripped the kids out of school and went on our last Summer trip. While we were waiting for Tom to finish we went to the river and took some pics. Jay took the ones that I'm in. I was actually shocked this first one turned out so good, what with Logan's "no smiling policy," but now that I'm thinking about it, I do remember some bribing involved! They are so cute, though I say it myself. Can I please make them stop growing up? Last year I had 3 out of my 4 kids with me, and next year the school will have 3 out of my 4 kids with them!!! I am so not looking forward to that!

I know it looks like a lot of pics, but I probably only posted 30%, no kidding! I know, I know, I may have a problem. I'm looking into it, promise!

That night we went to the drive in Movie Theatre.
When we were coming back from dinner we were deciding if we should really go when Logan piped up in his most grown up voice and said-
Logan-"Mom, I think we should go. This would be a new experience for us.
We could make some really nice memories."
Cute little kiddo!
After that we had to go wouldn't you say?
Our bestest friends who live in Idaho Falls(Nate and Staci) were gone that weekend,so we couldn't hang out with them. But they knew we wanted to go to the movies, and that we needed a place to crash after we came back from Yellowstone, so they left us a key, and directions, and a whole ton of candy to eat at the movies!!! What good friends eh? Thanks guys!
I had to show you this pic. During most of the movie Henners was casing the joint!

Then he zonked out. Not a bad deal if you ask me. I wish we had one of these in Boise!
If you know Tom, you'll know that a movie isn't a movie without
gross BUTTERY movie theatre popcorn!
I hate it cause it's bad for you, and once you eat one you're hooked!
We saw "Despicable Me."
It is very cute.
What's also cute, and serendipitous, are my kids glow up spoons we got from Sonic for lunch that very day!
I hated the food, but it was the only place I could find close to where we dropped Tom off for his "T"amazingly Fancy Business Man Luncheon.
When the spoons came in handy that night I decided it had been a good idea, despite the food.

The next morning we went to

The last time I went I was a  little kid. It is so beautiful there.
The one with Jay up on the rock wall is when we saw Old Faithful. It is very cool. I didn't think to take a pic cause I was enjoying it so mush, so I didn't get one till it was almost over. It actually went higher than those trees when it was at it's highest point.

This was Tom's favorite part. After we took this picture he just kept saying-
"It's not every day you go to the continental divide."
"Did you know that's where all the streams/rivers go either east or west?"
Logan ended up getting annoyed after like the 12th time and finally lost it on him-
"Dad, no one cares. We've heard you say that enough! STOP"
This made Tom smile his smile that reminds me of my Mom.
The one where they are sooooo glad that they have figured out what will get you, so they can get you
and over,
and over again!
So he didn't stop telling us about the continental divide for the rest of the trip!
I love him for that, because the alternative is letting it drive me nuts.
But I do remember when my mom would do it, and I acted just like Logan.
Don't you just love the circle of life?

It was just so cool. That water is awesome, and hot, and beautiful.

This was taken by a nice person walking by. I am so shocked that we got a decent pic in 1 shot!
Cool stuff eh?

Now for the bad news. We hardly saw any animals. We saw probably 4 elk, and three red wolves.
The wolves were too far away to get a pic though.
I really liked this one. I don't remember what it is called, but Tom probably does.
That man remembers every name for anything, and every line in a movie.

On our way home we snapped this shot.
Who knew he had his own lake!
He also has some really good root beer.
Random I know, and I don't know why I like it, but I do!
All in all a really fun trip.
P.s. Thanks again Nate and Staci, you are awesome!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lays thinks that she is a photographer!

Lays hijacked my camera!
She was so proud of all the shots and asked me to put them on my blog.
How could I refuse?
So here they are.
Oops I just noticed that I did two of the same pic,
but I don't care enough to fix it.
Just don't tell Lays if you talk to her about it.
Pretty sure she likes Henners and Zep the best.

I have a really funny Jameson story for ya,

but first I wanted to show our garden carrot picture.
They are white on purpose!

I let Jay pick a retro carrot seed packet out this time.
Now we have yellow, white, red, purple, and orange carrots!
They taste normal,
 but do look rather strange.
He also picked out yellow tomatoes!
So nothing is normal for us this summer, and we like it that way.

Now for the funny story.

Are you ready?

It is awfully funny!

O.k., it's probably funnier to me, but here goes-

The other day Jay was talking to Henry,

"Henry you are so cute!
I love you!
Yes I do!
You're getting so chubby!
You've probably stored up enough,
I bet you can hibernate for the winter now!"

He He He!
I love my little Jay-man!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Congratulations Ramsey!!!

Good things come to those who wait!

But don't go waiting for this cause we ate it for you!
 Love you guys!!!

First day of school!!!!

It's back to school time again!

Logan is getting so old. I accidentally said that he was in
grade two and Tom had to correct me.
My oldest is in grade three, and no longer has cartoon
lunch boxes,
or undies!
He is probably going to kill me for that last bit of info,
but he really is growing up!
I love you Logan!
Jay was a little nervous, but loves Kindergarten!
While I was taking Jay's picture, Henry was so sad.
He misses Jay a lot when he's gone.

The first day we took Jay to his class, and met his teacher.
He is, by far, the tallest kid there!
He was so cute.
 When we went to leave he waved goodbye, and started coloring his pic.
When I looked back, I started crying a little...
o.k. a little bit more than a little, but he looked so grown up, and
I knew he didn't need me as much anymore.
My little Jay is in school!
I don't get to see him all day anymore.
I love you my little man.

This is his second day when he got to take the bus!
I did a first day of school cookie post
It's that button on the bottom right of my blog.
We had fun, and I got to embarrass myself with a pic from when I was little.
The kids loved it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Floating down the Boise River in our little boats.

This summer we went boating with our friends
Jen&Jason+their kids
Missy&Jed+their kids
and Toms sis Lisa

Down the Boise River!
Each of us have four kids, and the oldest and youngest are almost the same ages.
We had a great time.
I'm pleased to report that not one of the kids got hurt!

But Jed did!

Story time-
So the first time we only went with Missy, Jed, and their kids.
There is this one spot where you can
jump off of a rope swing!
 Tom and Jed decided to take the 4 older boys while Missy and I stayed with the others in the boat.
We had a great view of them all swinging and having fun.
We even cheered, and screamed for the guys when they went!
(what good wives right?)
When they got back to us, Missy kidded Jed that he didn't do a cool enough trick.
Flash forward to the next time we went.
Can you guess what happened?
When the guys were at the swing, Jed decided to do a flip off the rope!
Missy and I cheered like crazy...
then he came out of the water, and all we could see was
and more BLOOD!
He ended up hitting a rock with his head!
So Missy gave me her little guy to hold(I was already holding Henry) and went running over there to help.
So I'm sitting there holding two little tykes,
listening to Lays and Ellie laughing at a dog floating by.
Then they stop laughing b/c Ellie reminds Lays that her daddy is hurt,
then they start up laughing again cause the dog is really funny.
The crazy kiddo's!
Oh, did I tell you that while everyone was trying to get Jed's gaping head wound to stop bleeding,
I almost went floating down the river with two little boys, and no paddle?
Here's how it happened-
I was keeping my boat there by grabbing onto Missy's boat,
I forgot this little bit of crucial info,
 and went to fix Henry's hat by letting go of Missy's boat!
I had to lunge half way out of the boat in order to reach hers before I floated away!
It probably only took 2 seconds, but I was terrified!
I was thinking-
"They do not need this right now!
Jed is bleeding all over, and I'm about to take off,
leaving the girls in a boat,
on the river,
all alone,
while I sail off with two little boys and NO paddle!
Really nice Emily!!!!"
So the moral of this story is-
 Cheer for your guy, even if he does a belly flop,
and I should always be tied to the bank when Tom leaves me!

p.s. Lays calls this boat "our boat"
and Tom's parent's boat a "motor boat!"


This summer Tom's cousin Trent,
his wife Lichelle,
and kids
Lindi, Zander, & Ellie
came for a visit.
It was so nice for our kids to have cousins to hang out with again.
I always liked doing this as a kid.
My Dad would have us stand by age, and then do a "Toyota" jump.
I skipped the last part cause it is too hard to get everyone to jump at the same time!
Lichelle is expecting a baby girl. I guess she gets all the girls and I get all the boys!
We also did a little boating this year.
There is a little beach there, that Henry loved!

Look how proud they are of their "wake boarding" Daddy!
It was fun. Logan tried to wake board, and Tom and I took a turn, but the kids really like to tube!
 Oh, and I was not too happy to see that Tom videoed me when I
wake boarded. My skills have gone down hill!