Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Figured out how to do this on me phone!

Figured we were missing some Hank-ness;)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Logan's turn.

So when we first got here it snowed. 
I haven't put up the pics yet,
 so here they are,
 but as i said in the post, 
it is Logan's turn.
So Logan is now 5 feet.
He reads a lot.
He is in a 4/5 split and told all the kids he was a fifth grader even though he is in 4th.
At recess he sometimes will preform "The Logan Show" for Lays and her friends.
He is unpredictable. Sometimes it's fun:)
Hank will go looking for "GoGo" whenever something doesn't go his way.
He is super fun to hang out with.
No fun to be around when you give him chores he isn't expecting.
Gets along with all his siblings, and I think he is all their favorite:)
We love you Log.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I am trying to get back in the swing of things, but it so hasn't happened yet eh?

Three things have happened lately.
#1. Jay got glasses!

He is super excited to be able to see better!
He was mad at me when I asked him to take this pic so he wouldn't 
smile, or look up, 
but trust me, 
they are super cute:)

#2. Lays started dance class.

 She made that groundhog hat at school,
colored it pink with a crayon,
and decided that she simply must wear it to dance class!
This last one is actually what she wore to school.
Lays has decided that FRIDAY'S are
"Tutu Friday"

#3. Hank went to the "Doctors"

As in all of them at once!
Which is actually called the Myelo Clinic.
If I was to give him a report card it would go something like this-
Neurology Function and Progress- A-
Orthopedic Function and Progress- A+
Speech Therapy and Progress- B-
Physical Therapy and Progress- A
Occupational Therapy and Progress- A
Urological and Bowel Function and Progress-D-
So if you look at it all together then he is doing GREAT!
 In my old age,
(ha ha, just had my Birthday on the 19th, and am already ready to make jokes. Healthy eh?)
I have learned, I shouldn't immediately try to-
 "Carry on, carry on, carry on," 
because grieving is necessary!
Some smart person said this a long time ago, but it took me a while to figure it out on my own.
 So, to sum up-
 When I allow myself to FEEL my FEELINGS,
 then I truly do get to,
 as the song says,
 "Carry On..." 
Hank's urological news is hard to hear, but it is not as hard as it was two weeks ago.
So we'll carry on, and won't let this "not as good stuff," stop us from looking on the bright side.
Man I love that kid.
p.s. Next post is going to be about you Logan:) Promise.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy "Balentimes" Day!

Lays and Hank
Wanted to wish all of you a
I love the cute ways little kids pronounce stuff.
Sorry, we know Hank's Christmas P.J.'s are a no-no, but he's been sick so he has an excuse.

Last night Tom brought his two girls these "T'amazing flowers,
so today we made the boys cupcakes. 
I can't believe that last year at this time we had just moved to Washington, 
and were living out of boxes.
Needless to say, It's sooooooooooooooo nice to be home:)

When the boys got home they loved the cupcakes... but ate their candy instead:)
Logan won a prize for the most creative valentine basket!
 Jay loved his fruit roll up and said-
"Mom you are so mean, you never let us have these!"
What a sweetie eh?
I'm always "so mean" for something these days according to Jay.
It's just a phase... right?

Oh, and Lays decided to preform for ya:)
She has been singing it for the past two hrs! Adorable ;)

Monday, February 6, 2012

I just posted 567,982 posts, and feel the need to explain:)

Hello fellow bloggers,
Family members:)
Sorry it's been SO long since I've posted. I have three perfectly good excuses for ya-
#1. My computer broke!
#2. Tom got a new job so we moved right back to Idaho!!
#3. I feel like I can't post new stuff till I get caught up on the mountain of old stuff, so I haven't done anything!!!
On that note, I have decided to post the old stuff in the right-ish order, but I'm not writing anything on those posts... yet. That way I can at least sort of satisfy my anal "everything has to be in the right order" self, without paralyzing my "I only have time to post the new craziness" self.
Glad we had this little chat. Hope you enjoy my mountain of photos:)