Sunday, December 20, 2009

My friend Missy

My friend Missy is the most amazing photographer,
and recently started a really cool web site with a few of her
equally amazing friends!

I was on the phone with her while I was making
some wings for Lays and she asked if she
could run over and take some pics for her site.
I was flattered, and a little nervous that my hodge podge
craft would look hodge podgey!

I forgot how she can take anything and make it
look like this! Every pic on my blog that
looks this good was taken by her!
Thanks Missy Darling.
I love these pics.
Now everyone needs to check out
her web site!
(you can find it on the right side of my blog,
just scroll down and click on it)
p.s. It's Toms Birthday today,
but he won't let me blog about him!
I'd do it anyways, but I am trying to
be nice for his birthday.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Kid Stuff!

I have been getting a kick out of my kids!
Layla went nuts with this $ store
jewelry the other day.
She pranced around like Royalty for hours.

I also have a few Layla quotes I just have to
get in print!
1. When she is getting tired at night she will say,
"I'm getting slower!"
Last night she changed it up and said,
"Mom, I can't keep it together!!!!"
2. When she is really excited she will say,
"That's TAMAZING!"
3. On Sunday during the quietest part of church I was
whispering to her about Jesus and she SHOUTED out,
"Mom there are no bums in Heaven!
We don't want bums in heaven!
We won't have bums in heaven!"
(I cant translate that one. I have no idea myself.)
4. After preschool she said,
Layla- "Mom we watched a scary movie!"
Me- "What was it called?"
Layla- "The Krunk!"
Me- "Do you mean the Grinch?"
Layla- "Yep, the Krunk!"
No matter how many times the rest of us say
"Grinch" she will always say,
"Yep the Krunk!"
She also insists that he is orange.
5. This happened 5 seconds ago!
Tom just got home and Lays said,
"Dad we are having TWIRLIES!"
I made rolls for dinner!!!!!
love it!
So most of you know how strange I am.
I do think that I am mellowing in my OLD age,
but when I had Logan I was only 21. Keeping that in mind
would be nice while I explain what I did. When Logan was a baby
I thought it would be funny to write on the back of his head
where he had rubbed his hair off!

Logan and Jay decided that
Henry needed to have the same
right of passage!

Tom was not pleased with us, but I
actually, kind of, get a kick out of it still.
What is wrong with me?

We Love Snow!

My kids love to play around in the snow.
I didn't realize it till I got out
the camera but,

Logan and Jay played together,

Layla played by herself,

and Henry was stuck inside with me!
He watched them at the window almost the
entire time they were out there.
Maybe next year he can be
Laylas playmate.

Ugly Sweater party anyone?

We had such a fun night at
Nate & Staci's
We waited till the last minute to go looking for our outfits
and couldn't find anything, so I souped us up some originals
with help from the $ store and my hot glue gun!
Yes, Toms tinsel tree does light up...

And yes, those are real ornaments in my ears!

We tried our hardest,
but our friend Chris won the prize for,
(I bet you can guess which one he is)
At least we didn't get suckered into paying
what he did for his e-bay treasure!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

Ho Ho Ho
Santa Came To Town!
Or did he?

We love Santa, but Logan told Jay that sometimes an
Santa comes to help Santa out.
It is my fault. I told that to Logan one year when
we were shopping and the "Big Guy" showed up too many times.
As you can see, Jameson and Logan decided
that today it was absolutely the Impostor Santa!
I actually said "Santa's Helper", but Logan remembers
it differently!
This is actually a miracle!
The first picture is "Layla free"
cause she was screaming to get out of it.
She wouldn't even let us hold her next to the boys!
Then after she watched some other kids talking to Santa,
Tom took her over and she sat on his knee no problem.
So I ran and got everyone and threw them in the picture.
They played along better this time don't you think?
Merry Christmas!
p.s. I found last years pic.
Layla never calmed down for this one!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jameson is 5!

PERRY!(you know 5 on the 5th)
We had a lot of fun decorating for this one.
When Jay turned 4 I told him about
Golden Birthdays
and he never forgot. I'm not kidding,
he talked about it all year!
So when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted
he instantly said, "GOLD" of course!

My little man is 5 years old today!!!
I can't believe it. Where does the time go?
It seems like only yesterday I was trying to teach him
how to hold down a few of his fingers to show how old he was,
now he is a whole hand! When I informed him of this he got the
hugest grin on his face. It sure doesn't take much to get my
J-man to smile. On the flip side, it doesn't take
much to make him ticked either.

ItalicI have two stories to illustrate my point.
#1. Sweet Jay
Jay- "Mom, you are more Beautifuler than
everyone in the whole world!"
Me- "Thanks Jay that makes me so happy!"
(then Layla comes booking it into the room in a furry)
Layla- (hands on hips) "Hey, I'm beautiful too!!!"
Jay- "No, Mommies prettier!"
Me- "Jay Layla is your prettiest sister right?"
Jay- "O.k., I guess she can be my prettiest sister."
(like he has a choice)
#2. Not so sweet Jay
Tom- "Jameson, Mommy and I decided that you get
to choose whether you want just me and Mommy
to take you out to lunch on your birthday,
or if you want Logan, Layla, and Henry to come too.
Jay- "I want to take Daddy and Logan and Henry...
and Layla, but not Mommy!"
Jay was mad at me for sticking him in "time out" when Tom asked him.
Tom- "That wasn't one of the options!"
It took him about 10 minutes to decide,
but I was finally invited.

Jameson is truly an original!
When we were putting him to bed last
night , I was talking to him about when he was born.
He soaked it all in loving every detail,
and when I was done I said,
Me- "I sure love you a lot."
Jay- "So you wouldn't trade me?"
Me- "Nope Jay, I would never,
never, never, never, trade you!"

p.s. When I put Jay to bed he always wants me to sing
two songs to him, the "Shrek" theme song "Somebody
once told me the world is gonna roll me", and
"Adel vice" from "The Sound of Music."
I love my little odd ball!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Girls are cool too!

I love my boys!
They are so wild and fun, but
tonight I had to put Logan in his place!

He was telling us an animated tale of gym class
when the terrible offence occurred.

It went a little something like this.
Logan- "We played this new tag game.
Everyone is "it" and the last person to get tagged wins.
Me- "That sounds fun, do you like it?"
Logan- "Yep, I won once, but today I got tagged.
Jevin got tagged by a girl!!!"
Yep, he really said it, and kept going too!
Me- "Hey, what's wrong with that?"
Logan- "You know, that's like saying you throw like a girl!"
Me- oh no, not my son"Hey Logan did you know when I was in grade 6
I was the fastest kid in the school?"
This is where two things happened at once.
Logan gave me the most disbelieving look I have ever seen, and
Tom burst out laughing so hard that it took on that annoying ha, ha quality.
Logan- "Dad, was she really?"
Tom- still laughing "She says she was."
Logan- "Mom, I'm faster than you are!"
I tell ya, "I don't get no respect!"
Me- "That is because I just had a baby...
lets race in a year!"
Logan- "O.k. but I'm only going to be faster next year!"
So, yada, yada, yada...
Logan and I have a race set for
next summer, winner gets a buck.
While I was telling this story to my friend,
she said that there was a father on "The Biggest Loser"
who let his daughter beat him in a race. To which I replied,
"I know, I saw it last night."
I am still laughing so hard at the whole thing.
I can't believe that I let my 8 year goad me into
racing him for money, but
we females have got to stick together, am I right?