Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mexico trip.

Two nights after we got our kids back home,
was searching all over the Internet,
trying to book another trip!
That's when I had to remind him that we won't be doing it for at least another 5 yrs.
Poor Tom...
but not really!
We stayed at the Mayan Palace. When you walked in there was this Mayan rock,
 which was converted into a fountain.
We mostly stayed at the resort, and just swam and read our books.
I love that Tom likes to read as much as me.
We both polished off 4 books on this trip.
This is where we had some really good Japanese food.
The irony isn't lost on us, but you can't get Tom to pass up
his favourite cuisine. Even if you're in Mexico, with great Mexican food,
Japanese is his first choice!
This was our fave local spot. It was good, but the service was "maso menos"!
Hence our anxious face expressions... I think I'm actually telling Tom to hurry up and take the picture!
He likes to wait till I've been smiling f-o-r-e-v-e-r before he will snap it,
and I don't really find the humor in  it,
but he sure seems too!

We did spend one day doing lots of stuff.
We took a boat trip to a Tamazingly fancy beach side snorkeling cove called

Las Caletas
It was so much fun!

The boat sailed past the city of Puerto Vallarta

The water right here is too murky, but in the cove that we went too it was perfect!
Don't you just love nerdy snorkeling pics?
This is my absolute favourite thing to do!
And it is one of the only times I don't mind being alone,
but I'm glad Tom was there too! He is pretty fun to have around.

We got to have lunch on the beach.
I didn't think too much of it when we booked the trip.
I thought, "why would that be so cool?"
"I could do without it if it made the trip cost less!"
But I was wrong...
the island breeze,
the delicious food,
the great service!
I loved it all!
The entire day was extremely beautiful, and incredibly relaxing!
I put this pic on so you can laugh at my snorkel line that stayed on my face the rest of the trip!

The kayak was fun, but I just wanted to snorkel all day.
The guide let me hold a sea anemone.

I wish I was there right now,
 instead of blogging in the middle of the day in my p.j.'s!

I don't see Tom smile like this enough anymore!
Our grown up life is stressful,
but it's nice to know that he can still pull his smiley face out.
But who wouldn't when you have zero responsibility,
and get to hang out at the beach/pool all day long?

I guess we did spend one day doing touristy stuff,
but it was still fun, and not too stressful.
And here are our "oh shoot we have to go home" faces.
They didn't last too long cause this guy was funny,
and we got to see our kids when we got off the plane.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just a summer day!

So I have been reading through my blog from the start at night b/c Tom has been working around the clock and I'm bored.
While I have been doing this I realized something,
I sometimes like my boring blog posts the best!
I like seeing what I did, and reading about how silly my kids can be, and the names we like to call them.
So now that you're warned...

Today we went to the movies, but before we went I took a "few" pics of the kids.
And by "few" I mean like 8 or 20!
I hadn't taken a pic of Lays in her Mexico dress yet either.
Look Jade, and Jack I got one she couldn't fiddle with!
They so do not like to hold still, look at the camera, or smile at the same time!
In case my boys read this, years later, we got Logan and Jay a shark tooth necklace, and
Henry we got you a rain stick!
Henry fell asleep b/c I had to give him his soother to stop him from
screaming when we ran out of food. That fixed the screaming, but it made him zonk out.
Here is Lays at the end the movie remedying the sleeping problem by removing his soother.
Thanks Lays. I really hate it when Hener's gets in a cat nap.
I actually mean it b/c then he won't take his afternoon nap which is way more important!
I love where I live! Free movies are so much fun!
The kids get to go to the cool theaters without us spending way too much!
I also love going to the movies with our friends! Except for Logan, all of  Marie's
kids are the exact same ages as mine, give or take less than a month!
After the movies we went to the park for lunch, and everyone wanted to climb this tree!
As you can see, the girls didn't make it too far up!
Today Marie said- "I can't believe I have a boy!"
It's definitely true that boys are different from girls.
Lately my boys have been saying-
"Girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider..."
I told Lays they are saying it wrong and that it's really-
"Girls go to Mars to get more chocolate bars and boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider!"
Hey, like I said last year, we girls need to stick together!
And on that note, I raced Logan today, and beat him!!! I think that means he owes me a buck doesn't it?
He keeps saying that he wasn't trying his hardest though,
so he won't pay up!

It was such a great day!
p.s. This morning I told Tom I was sad that I hadn't
filmed any of my kids doing
The Pledge of Allegiance
during my little mothers preschool, so I had the kids do it!
Logan is wearing his scout day camp shirt today,
so he decided to do a salute. As you can see the others thought that looked like fun too!

Monday, July 19, 2010



Logan and his friend Jevin went to
They were so cute, and so excited to go.
I can't believe they are getting so

The kids love to spend their summer days 
at the lake(pond by our house)!
When I came to check on them one day I watched as they all spotted this snake,
instantly yelled for Jay,
and Jay ran and caught it!
I guess he's the only one brave enough to grab them.
I have to admit that I love this about Jay.
Logan is three years older than Jay and
it's my little Jay-Man to the rescue when they spot a snake!
As you can see Logan tried to take all the glory once the thing was caught,
but we all know what really happened!

Lunch in the meadow(grass by the pond)!

These two are so funny together. Dax always tries to turn everything into a weapon,
and Lays tries to turn everyone into Royalty.
It works out though b/c she just pretends he's a Knight!

Local attractions(weedy backyard)!

Taking in a Concert (Dax=artist? Oh ya!) !

Night under the stars(tramp night)!

This was so much fun!
They were looking forward to it all week.
Tom told them scary stories till about 10:10pm,
we went inside to sleep with Henry and...

by 10:22pm they all had to come inside!

Why you ask?

#1.They were sooooooo loud yelling...
#3. I think Tom got them too scared!

All in all, some good times since the trip back home!
Were glad we have our neighbor friends to hang out with cause our kids sure miss being in Canada!