Saturday, September 24, 2011

Come on, I know you were thinking- "But what did they do on the 4th day?"

All right I'll tell Ya.
We finally took our turn on the Sky wheel.

Sorry for all of my shushing Logan, I swear it seemed really loud!

Then we hit the pool/beach.

I love it when you can actually "tucker" your kids out don't you?

We had so much fun in
that we went back again! It was only 2hrs, and a really cool place!
So on the way we found-
 Jameson's Hotel Franchise, 
a cool new construction sign,
the strangest gas station,
a church alert sign,
and the monsters that put the green in Tom's blue.

This park is right on the bay.

Best ice cream ever!!!

They pour chocolate in the cone first, then it hardens, and pools at the bottom.

The boys both found a quarter! Odd.
I swear they will tell you that was one of their personal Highlights:)

The buildings there were so amazing.
The top right was a plantation.

Loved this beach. It wasn't the same one we went to the first time.
We had so much fun just playing in the low waves, and it was way empty:)
Poor Henry, he sure had a lot of under water experiences that day...
ya, I know they were all under my watch. I really should hang my head in shame,
but he's always so cute before it happens.

2nd installment. I know you didn't get enough right?

I have to report two severely nerdy things about Myrtle Beach-
#1. Is that it is the mini golf capital of the world!!! You can seriously see 2 per block.
#2. They think it's absolutely normal to have at least 5 "touristy buy this crap" stores per block!

These are a few of the mini golf places that we saw.
I remember the "Piggly Wiggly" from a movie.
So I had to take a pic:)
Tom took us to a crazy fish joint for dinner.
Can I just say how much I love love love crab legs?
If you don't, I bet you will after this video!
This place was seriously hilarious!
It was all you can eat, there was everything from crab legs to prime rib, 
and Logan came back with a plate full of fruit!!!
That kid is so funny, don't worry Tom made him eat some "Manly Meat" before we were done!
Here is the sky wheel at night.

So on day 3 we went to 
It was so cool, and so much fun:)

We went to their Aquarium.

Super cool Albino Alligator!

Jellyfish are "Space-Ship-Wrecked" Aliens, I'm sure of it.
And here are my ALIENS!

This otter was so cute, but the pic really only shows how cute Lays is.
Speaking of Lays, let me just come right out and explain that she only wore that dress for dinner the night before, then I let her wear it the next day. So although the pictures don't reflect it, I swear she did wear other things!:)

We got to see Fort Sumter, and check out their museum at Liberty Square!

Then we checked out one of their beaches.

It was super fun. The water was very calm.

p.s. Those nerdy beads came from the
Fish Joint and they wore them the rest of the trip.Uh-Hu:)