Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Go Celtics!

Tom has been a
since he was little.
The last time he saw a game Larry Bird was playing, and signed something for him!
So what kind of wife would I be if I didn't say "count me in"
when he called me up and said-
Tom-"Hey Em, should we go to the Celtics game tonight?"
Yep, that's how much time he gave me to whip up some green gear, and drag all my kids to D.C.!
It was so much fun!!!
We had been toying with the idea of going to this specific game since Tom got the job,
 but had decided we couldn't be away from the kids(paying a babysitter 1 million dollars)for so long.
Well, Tom solved that by taking us all to the game!
If 5 "nose bleed" seats instead of 2 "o.k." seats meant we got to go, I was all for it.

The kids all had tonz of fun, even Henry, cause he loves to dance to the music.
4th time's the charm. I wanted to show how much fun Henry was having, but whenever I pull out the camera now days he starts to scream,
 cause he wants to see the picture, that we haven't even taken yet!!!
 Lays fell asleep at the game, and fell back to sleep on the metro.
Jay zonked right out on the metro too!
Does this make you laugh as much as it makes me laugh? I was cracking up. I felt like all the people around me on the metro were thinking how mean I was, but I just couldn't not take a clip of it.

And here is Hank still up on the metro.
He actually stayed up till we got all the way home at 12:30am!
I forgot his soother.
All in all a pretty good day, and I got props for being a "cool" wife.

Fast forward to today,
the Celtics have won their second play off game,
  and Tom is dying to go to Boston to see a game in the garden,
Tom-"Emily, it just isn't the same as a play off game, in the GARDEN.
I need to go support the team!!!"
Guess what, I'm not that cool!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jacklyn takes second place!

Lily and Lays
got to get together for Layla's Birthday Party!

Gracie(my cousin Jessica's daughter), Layla, and Lily had so much fun!

They had a little 'Tea" Party.

You might think that "Bubda" was only there for the food, but he loves to play
"Tea Party"
 with us, even when we are only drinking air!

They did lots of

We spent the next day shopping.
The kids just got into this car and it started going on it's own.
Is that stealing?

This was on the day Jessica did Jacks hair,
and Jack did mine.

Of course no trip to see me is complete without a trip on the metro to
It was Luke's favorite part.
After we had to eat our lunch sitting on a park bench in the rain,
 we joked that we should have just rode the metro all day.

I guess Jay and Henry don't think it's worth the time it takes to smile for a pic
 if it means they have to stop chewing!

The kids were quite excited to see a "Dum-Dum!"
 We were so lucky we got to spend time with our family.
 I miss ya already Jack!
Next time Ramsey needs to come,
and we'll get Tom to take some time off too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oops. False alarm!

Tom just went to lunch with a friend who is from here,
and he said that it wasn't a cotton mouth.
So I'm super excited!!!
Apparently you can't trust a jogger who happens to be running past and says-
"That looks like a moccasin."
I guess they don't come this far north.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Kidding!

We went on a family walk today around the paths by our house,
and Logan found this!

Around the corner from my house people!!!!

What the heck am I supposed to do about this?
. . .

I'll tell ya what I'm going to do,
absolutely nothing!
Absolutely nothing
cause spending my time worrying about something that I can't control is a little crazy isn't it?
I mean I told my kids not to go near them,
and to watch out for them,
 but I can't make those creepy little things go away!
. . .

I'm feeling a little homesick tonight.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday boy!

We cannot believe you are 2!

Where does the time go?
You are so much fun!
You get into everything, which is fun for you,
but is the exact opposite of fun for the rest of us!
You have passed Jameson, and Layla in the dust,
but still haven't even come close to causing the chaos that Logan could contrive!
Don't feel bad, Logan is a genious, and the fact that you came in second is saying something.
You are our only SOOTHER(binky) kid, and you ask for it like this-
Henry- "Mom, Mum, A Soo! A Soo! MuM, A Soo! MO-om! A SOOOOOO!"
You love food.
You love to snuggle.
You are a mommas baby, and I love it.
You like to play Tea Party with Lays and me. We won't let you play with the breakable ones, and you are always trying to steal them from us. You copy everything we do. You even do the "CLINK" part.
It's so cute!
You snore when you sleep, it's adoreable!
You are obsessed with Dora!
Henry- "Mom, Mom, a Dowa!"

We love you so much, and can't believe what a miracle you are!
Although it's hard for us,
 not knowing what the future holds,
and wishing you didn't have to deal with all you do,
you teach us to be grateful that you are doing well today.
After all,TODAY is all we have.
"One of the challenges of this mortal experience is to not allow the stresses and strains of life to get the better of us — to endure the varied seasons of life while remaining positive, even optimistic.”

Elder Perry
Oct, 2008

Your Dad had me read this news article, and this was the final quote from Elder Perry. I instantly thought of you, and how I want to help you grow up knowing the truthfulness of this quote from an apostle of the Lord.
I know the future might be difficult for you. I wish I could take it all away, but I know our Heavenly Father can see past our wants, and desires, and does what's best for us.
We'll be there for you, whatever that entails.
 Love you baby!

Awwwwwww. What a change from last year!