Saturday, July 30, 2011

24 Hrs of fun and what does Logan say?

We started this
Thursday by building some pretty awesome forts
which are still up, and are actually a lot of fun.

I just love watching my little terrors having crazy fun...
of course that's until one of them is screaming...
and one of the other ones caused it.
Then we went
which we do at least twice a week.

Then Angela came over to play with them for the night.
She was so awesome.
They got to stay up way late,
 They ate junk,
They made tie dyed shirts,
Then they played hide and go seek.

Then on Friday morning we had a dance party.
Then after all of this,
(once I dropped off Angela at work)
do you want to know what Logan said?
Logan- "Mom, I'm bored."
I think I may be trying a little too hard.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sunday Dinner Guests.

So I Have a Little News, 
Angela has a really cute new friend.
So I usually have Angela, and my cousins over for Sunday dinner about every other week, but this time she brought a "friend" of hers instead of our cousins! 
He is from Benin Africa, and is training for the Olympics.  He does Tai Quan Dao. 

He also isn't half bad at racing Logan, or letting Logan teach him a little American Football.

I really like him, and am thinking Angela does too, 
but as I had to point out to Logan right now while I was writing this-
Me-"I don't think I like him the same way Angela does."
To which Logan replied-
Logan-"Seriously? Oh gross!"
I love that he still doesn't "like" girls.
Three embarrassing things happened while they were here.
#1. When we told Lays that he kicks people for his "job," 
she ran over and kicked him in the shins.
#2. He showed us how high he could kick which was way cool, so  
Logan tried it and fell flat on his back.
(a lot of screaming ensued, but he was fine after about a minute)
#3. Angela decided to make Logan feel better by
falling flat on her back 3 times.
After her first fall Rostand(her "friend ") told the boys they needed to take it easy on her
cause she was delicate. hehehe
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy July Everyone!
Whether it's the 1st, or the 4th I'm just glad we can celebrate our freedom!

By blowing a little piece of it up!
Poor Henry.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Story Time!

Can any one guess whatz up?
So we have 
Over here, and every so often they give out free food if you come dressed like a cow!
So when Angela came over it was one of those chick-fil-A days and she said we should do it.
The thing is that you have to have something on your head, chest, and legs.
This is how it went down-
Angela- "Hey, we should take your kids over to chick-fil-A and get them free food!"
Me-"I don't have anything for them to wear."
Angela-"Em I've seen lots of people go wearing garbage bags."
so yada, yada, yada...
Logan-"I am not wearing that!!!"
Jay- "It looks like a dress!"
Angela-"You guys are wimps. 
Uncle Peter would do it,
He'd wear it for no reason,
He'd wear it to SCHOOL for no reason!
Jay-"O.k., but you can NOT put these pictures on your blog Mom! 
If you do I'll rip it off right NOW!"
(Too bad he didn't really think that threat through b/c I got it on here anyways, don't tell Jay!)
After all that finagling,
Angela finally convinced them to go,
and as soon as we got there,
this little girl walks right up to Logan and says-
Little brat-"Why are you wearing a dress?"
Logan gives Angela this look containing a mixture of embarrassment, anger, and pleading in his face
so Ang mercifully says- "You can take it off, we already got our food."
Poor Logan!
What's wrong with us?
The crazy things we make kids do!
Speaking of  crazy things...







No, I'm not going through a little middle aged crisis!
Layla's darling C.T.R. 4 teacher who is so sweet and would always have the kids do 
"group hugs"
Has just been diagnosed with cancer.
It has shaken our little ward.
I don't know her well at all, but wanted to send her love by joining the ladies in our ward,
and I mean almost all of us, by dying our hair pink.
Everyone wore PINK to church for her too.
This is her in the center of the first pic.

Isn't that so cool? No one asked anyone to do it. We just all showed up, and everyone was in pink!

Oh, and Angela did my pink hair for me when Tom and I went to the movies 
with some new friends of ours.
I was worried they would think we were too strange b/c we are Potter crazy,
but then I figured they needed to find out some time right?
She took a video, and I realized that this is pretty much the first video of me ever on the blog.
Tom's not much for taking pictures and what not.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

Playing Football in Virginia
is like
Making Pizza in Italy!

We take our ball S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y!

Logan spent 2hrs a day for a week going to Football Camp.
He is going to be spending all of August going to practice for 2hrs a day, and has practice and games from Sept-Oct!
Logan loves it!!!!!!
I love that Logan loves it!!!!!
Tom loves it, and loves that Logan loves it!!!!
Lays and Jay just Love that they can find critters

The week he spent at camp was also fun cause Logan slept in and was rather calm during the days.
I've actually been thinking about sticking him on the treadmill when he starts acting crazy.
What do you think, too mean?
I'm thinking it's nicer than sending him to his room, 
but my judgement could be clouded cause it just sounds fun to get him running!
Each day they went to a different station. I only remembered my camera on the kicking day.

Random funny pictures.

Lays fell asleep during morning scripture study.
By the time I took the third pic you can tell she had woken up, but wanted to pretend she hadn't.

Hank's favorite place to sit
while the rest of us watch
 the T.V.! He is so going to crack the glass
one of these days!
I also had to get another
shot of him
 sporting the Dora Jamies.

I am in love with Jameson's smile. His eyes are so crinkly:)
I also like the contrast between Henry's girl P.J's and his ones that are clarifying that he is not a girl!
Lays was so excited when she discovered this little trick.
So I was helping with a Daddy Daughter sock hop and made this car for photo ops.

I just realized that there aren't any pics of Logan.
The next post is all about him though so I don't feel bad for him.

Better late than never.

Happy Fathers Day!

No need to tell me how annoying I was in this video. I promise I already know.  I just couldn't stand how distracted Logan got. I'm hanging my head in shame... promise!
I think that's why I didn't post this on the actual day. Despite the interruption it is a pretty cute song that the kids sang for their daddy at church so I decided to post it. 
They actually forgot the ending in that video so I got Lays to sing the whole thing for you. 
Tom had her sing it for him like 5ooo times so she knows it really well!

Fathers Day was actually easier than Mothers Day cause I didn't have to get the kids ready all by myself! HeHeHe I promise I'll stop bringing it up eventually hunny!
We woke up to all of the kids giving Tom their gifts, and Jay brought Tom "Breakfast in bed." Which consisted of the entire pack of Costco jelly rolls, and the great big pitcher of O.J.! Adorable!
I wrote Tom a poem, which was a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Angela came over for dinner and had a little-tiny-food-fight with Hank.
He kept throwing stuff at her so she retaliated!
I can think of only one word to sum that up.