Thursday, June 16, 2011

End of SCHOOL!!!!

Each grade had their own "End of school picnic" over here.
This is Logan's good friend.
Logan loves to go to their house cause they have more than one computer.
While we were sitting with his mom Logan told her that we went to Australia to visit his cousin Asher.
To which I replied- "No we haven't."
To which he replied- "Yes we did, the last time we went to see him it was Australia!!!"
Strange kid.
 Logan had tonz of fun doing the tug of war, which is why his clothes are filthy, and don't even get me started on what he wears to school, cause I bought him that outfit for p.j.'s.
 So you might be thinking that Logan is my only story teller, but Jay told the dad that we were sitting by that Boise is right by Mt. Everest.
What is up with my giant misinformed story telling kids?
When I got home with Jay I told him the bad news about Boise being on the other side of the world from Mt. Everest and he said to me- "How do you know?"
So I was like- "The Internet."
Which for some reason made him finally believe me.

Pool Day!
Goggles, goggles, goggles!
It makes swimming so much more fun.
I got them these from Costco. They came in packs of three, and their were two choices.
One pack had bright green, bright blue, and white, and the other is the one you see.
The boys were like-
"We want this one mom!"
And I said-
"If you get that one Lays won't get to have the pink one."


Oh, I know what you're thinking, you're thinking that two out of three getting what they want is better than one being happy, but you would be wrong cause Layla doesn't have a sister to play with, so to substitute for her lack of a built in friend, I give her things like pink goggles.
And yes, I know how dumb that sounds, but
it seems to be working o.k.'ish.
She made a friend at the pool this day, and that always seems to help too.
Layla told me they were friends cause they both have floaties.

This was actually my first time at the pool without Tom!
Right when we got there Henry saw this DORA paddle board.
He started squirming, and screaming, and lunging for it.
So I finally just asked if I could borrow it.
He hugged it for like an hr, and kept saying- "A Dowa!"

Do you notice a family resemblance? I've never really thought they all had the same smile before.

Henry kills me.

These kids live on our block. I was so excited to see them playing together.

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's June 10th 20011 and It's my 11th Anniversary!

Wow I'm getting old!
So I woke up this morning and got the brilliant idea to make Tom some heart shaped toast.
I know it would have been way nicer of me to have done fancy pancakes,
or heart shaped strawberry stuffed french toast,
but he gets up way too early for that.
I also have a very nice of me gift that I'm getting him,
but I can't tell you what it is b/c he frequents my blog from work sometimes.

So I was skyping with my cousin Sara this morning and she asked me what I was going
to do for "The Big Day" and before I could tell her she guessed it by saying
Sara- "Don't tell me you're doing something sad like grocery shopping."
-insert sheepish smile here-
Yep, we are actually going to a grocery store tonight.
Before you go feeling sorry for me, let me just say that this store is the
 most magical grocery store on earth,
I'm going there with my favorite person on the planet,
and I won't have any of my darling little "can I get this, I need that, and please mom" kids!

Speaking of the kids,
In honor of the day
and I staged a barbie wedding.
This is the wedding, and
 Here is the reception.
We had delicious watermelon sized strawberries,
and all the Disney princesses preformed
for the program.
I have those on video, but they were too long to post.
I do, however, have a silly video I wanted to put up for your viewing pleasure.
Lat Friday we rented "Gulliver's Travels" and the kids watched the end 50 thousand times so they could dance to it.
Do you know the part where he saves the town by pulling all of the enemy boats away and when the enemy boats fire their canons they all bounce off of him?
Well right after that part I paused the show,  ran into the kitchen, grabbed a bag of marshmallows, and started a ginormous marshmallows fight. I aimed them all at Tom's face. Which meant he got hit about every 4th throw cause I have terrible aim. Tom was merciless, and has very good aim. Good thing I was wearing my glasses. Every time Henry got hit he just grabbed the "mallow" and downed it saying "YUM" in a silly high voice. Jay kept stock piling the "amo" in his shirt, Lays just ran around screaming "We're being attacked daddy,"and Logan ran upstairs to throw them at us from above which was brilliant, man he is getting old too!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Is it still too soon to post another D.C. post? What if I add some pics of the kids at the D.C. Temple?

Lets play "Guess that Famous Dead Guy"
Any ideas?

Nope, not George Washington.
What about this guy, any ideas?

The first one was George Mason,
and the second one was Thomas Jefferson.
Don't feel bad if you couldn't get them. I had to have Tom remind me and I was even able to read the plaques while I was there.
I don't even know who's on the horse in this one.

I think I have found my favorite building.
Well, it's probably a 15 way tie, but I love, love, loved the botanical gardens building!
It was so hot and humid the day we went that when we went in the building, which is essentially a huge green house, it was cool and felt dry-er-ish!
Logan loved this guy who was teaching you everything you needed to know about VENUS FLY TRAPS. He wouldn't even look away to smile for a picture.

Wish I could say this shot was taken on our "spur of the moment tropical romantic get away."
Maybe some day Tom, maybe some day!
So we can't afford a babysitter for 6-ish hrs to go to the temple together. So we all go, and Tom and I take turns doing a session while the other one walks the grounds with the kids. It was Tom's turn this trip so I took some pics with his phone while we waited for him.
It was so nice just to be there. They have a little visitor center and everything.
Logan and I knew that it is the tallest Temple so we tried to figure out how tall it is. We guesstimated about 250 feet.
Does anyone know how tall it really is?
While we were walking around
Jameson said- "Mom I like it here. It is so peaceful."

He also got his foot sliced open by a metal door. It was bad and got really dirty so I took him back to the car to clean him up and all I could find was hand sanitizer so I said-
Me- "Jay this is going to hurt. Do you think you can handle it?"
Jameson- "O.k., but can I pray first?"
some from me, and some from him, but he was tough and it didn't hurt long.
What a sweet little kid.
I also got to be in primary today and when the chorister asked why we needed to be reverent at church
Jameson raised his hand right up and said- "Because this is God's house."

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Henry's 2nd M.R.I.

I hate doing this!
It is so hard on Hank.
He has to fast FOREVER(10 hrs which ended up being around 20 b/c it's through the night)!
I had to lock him in his high chair in the morning while we got ready so he wouldn't steal a drink, or any food. The poor thing just kept lunging at the faucets.
Then when we get there we have to wait forever(they were running late so we had to wait an hour and 40 mins longer) before he can go into the M.R.I.!
Then the M.R.I. takes FOREVER(2 hours)!If we hadn't had Layla to distract us I think I would have lost it.

Well, Lays and Dora! We heard some other kid watching it but couldn't find the right channel so Layla and I went "through the curtain" which is generally frowned upon and got the channel info from them. It put our starving little Henry in a nice little T.V. coma while we waited,
and waited,
and waited.
Then we had to wait without him.
While we still had Hank with us we all fasted with him, so once he was gone
I bet you can guess what Tom and Lays did.
They left me in the waiting room and came back with chips, pop, and a giant milkshake!
This is when we F-I-N-A-L-L-Y
got him back.
I LOVE this part.
We fed him a popsicle and then, of course, I had packed him a banana so he downed that.

The rest of the day he was super tired, and groggy so the two of us just hung out on the couch all day. 
Later on that night I was starting to get worried that Hen was still so lethargic, so I asked Tom to get me the "Duo tang" the nurse had given me so I could check the list of warning signs. Well after almost 11 years of marriage Tom discovered another "Canadian" word. I guess Americans call everything a "folder" even if they have the little silver clipies in them. He thought it was so funny, and just had to text our friend Nate immediately. Americans! I ask you?

Tom's a Fans FAN!

So I know this post is out of order, but that's cause I have been trying to figure out how to get the pics off of Tom's cell phone.
I finally figured it out and now I'm up and running.
So when Tom went to the Celtics game he went with my cousin Jessica's husband Kyle.
 If you recall I told Tom that there was no way we could go to the game cause we didn't have anyone to watch our kids. Well Tom figured out a way around that little problem.
This is how that came about.
Tom was walking down the hall at church one Sunday and ran into Kyle (his ward meets after ours, but we overlap)
Tom- "Hey Kyle I want to ditch Emily and jet on over to Boston to watch a playoff game. Want to come? We'd miss Mothers day morning, but our wives are so cool they wouldn't care."
Kyle- "You know Tom this wasn't just a chance meeting. I could definitely be persuaded to do that."
Tom would probably tell ya that that's not "exactly" how it went down but it's not his blog and I think it sounds funnier that way.

They got their early and decided to run on over to Fenway Park just to see it, and the Red Sox were playing so they went up to the ticket guy and told them they were just stopping by cause they were going to the Celtics game(I'm sure he believed them cause Tom was a walking advertisement for the Celtics) and the guy let them in for $20.00 all together. So they got to go to two games in one day.

Then they ate at a pizza joint that did paintings of the players on the wall.

By the end of the day the boys said they probably spent $20.00 on diet coke!

Before the game they stalked the players.

The seats were awesome
and the game was "T"amazing

Kyle swears that Tom started a stadium wide chant of-
"D-Wade Sucks!"
When he fell and injured Rondo.
Kyle said that going with Tom was what made it so much fun. Tom literally screamed himself hoarse, and didn't ever stop cheering.

He lost his voice for like three days.
I swear if that wasn't Tom's own personal fantasy camp, then I don't know what it would be.
I know I tease you a lot, but the truth is I love you Tom, and I'm super glad you got to go.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Backyard Slip and Slide... and Henry's Hiney!

It has been soooooo hot here.
Like 101 degrees F
By the way did you know that 96*F is 36*C? Cool eh? I was in my car the other day when I figured out that little tid bit of information.
 I normally don't remember #'s but those ones stuck. Maybe all that SUDOKU is really working after all!
So yada, yada, yada, it's been burning hot here, and we pulled this out yesterday.
The water was cold, and it was in the shade,
 but I didn't hear any of them complaining!

Henry just parked his hiney at the bottom of the slide and expected everyone to dodge him.
It didn't always work out that way.
One time he got his feet taken right out from under him and went
on the ground.
before I could reached him he-
stood back up,
raised both arms over his head and said-
Henry- "Woo Hoo!"

And as you may have noticed in the video...

He also ripped off his diaper and went running around. I just had to get a shot of it. The little Tank.