Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This ones for you Pete-Dog

So Tom and the kids decided to make this little flick for my brother while I was gone last night.

His filming skills are...
 awful, but I bet you can guess what movie they got it from right?
My, my, my, what little nerds I have.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tom and I Reached a Parenting Low Tonight!

We were calling Logan all sorts of names, while sitting right next to him!
The reason is that I took him to the E.N.T. specialist today and we discovered what I had been suspecting.
Logan can hardly hear at all!
Now the sentence "Logan never listens,"
actually holds water!
So back to my story, we were getting ready to say family prayer and I ended up right next to him, with Tom on my other side. Everything was silent, so I decided it would be a great time to see just how deaf he really is.  Here is how it went down-
Me-whispering "Logan is so smelly."
And Logan just sat there right next to me, staring at the couch,
so Tom(laughing) thought he'd get in on the action.
Tom- a little louder"Logan's a nerd."
Me- a little louder" Hey Logan, you are such a geek!"
Logan- still nothing
Tom-"Hey booger face!"
Then Logan turns and looks at us like "what the heck?"
That's when we started really laughing, and told him that was like the 5th thing we had said and that he didn't hear us any of the other times. He started smiling like "o.k., that's really funny, make fun of the kid who can't hear," and tackled me down to the ground. It was all fun and games till I put him in the "CAMEL CLUTCH," and insisted that he call uncle. He wouldn't, but I felt bad so I let him go, and then he had the nerve to say he had won!!!
The truth is that I probably only have 2 more years where I actually can take him! He is a big kiddo.

Hm, I don't know if this story translates well in print, but if you'd been there I swear you would have found it as funny as me.

I did a post for HowDoesShe? Today!

I'm always nervous that no one will like it.
Go check it out if ya want. I'd love to get some feedback.
It's a post on how I made Lays and Logan's Birthday cakes.
p.s. If you don't know where to find it,
it's that black button on the bottom right side of my blog.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do you remember this?

Well, he did it again!!!!!

I know, I know, right about now I am actually questioning my parenting skills too!
So here is how it went down.
It was late Monday afternoon, and I was cooking dinner. We were having a Japanese dish that required me to grade carrots, chop cabbage, dice onions, whip up a batter, and fry bacon. I was frying the bacon, sauteing the onions, and baking a Shortbread Peach Cobbler for our Family Home Evening Treat,(see how I try to reel you in so that you think I'm actually doing a good job?) when my friend Missy came over to pick Lays up to go to the park. I went to get Lays, and heard Henry in the bathroom, but I told Missy not to worry cause I hadn't fixed the door from the last time he had done it back in May. Then I went up to get the little devil only to discover that he had opened the middle drawer, and not the bottom one!!! Shoot Shoot Shoot right? The difference was that he wasn't stuck on the drawer, and he wasn't crying so I thought, "what's the rush? I'll just look under the door to make sure he's o.k. and  Ahhhhhhhhhh" That's when I discovered that my son 
was playing with the absolute grossest thing I have in my house!
Puke! Puke! Puke!
INSERT PATENTED GASP HERE- You know the one where you breathe in, while saying Ahhhhhhh, and screaming at the same time?
This is where I have to say I'm quite proud of myself, since he wasn't crying, I walked downstairs and just kept on cooking. There was nothing to be done till he decided to close the drawer right? When he closed it I went running up, cleaner in hand, and instantly threw him in the tub. I then preceded to sanitize the floor and audios the bath rugs. When I turned around Henry was eating the soap! At first I was like-"Oh good! At least he's cleaning his mouth", but then I felt bad for the kid, so I took it away and rinsed out his mouth. He didn't even seem to care though. Then when I was almost finished with the floor, I heard this big bang-splat-swoosh and turned around to find a naked little Henry sprawled on the newly wet, and rug-free floor. Poor thing! So I wrapped him in a towel just in time to hear the buzzer for the cobbler ringing!
All in all, a pretty crazy 10 minutes wouldn't you say?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wow... I'm glad I only do that every other year!

When throwing your 9 year old a
The question one must ask oneself is...
"Am I cazy?"
Because little boys are!!!!
I swear it was one big ball of crazy from the beginning, to the end,
but I loved it.
Logan was soooooooo happy!
My day began all nice and quiet.
That's b/c it was mainly just me and Lays getting everything ready.
I made a big cookie, and frosted it like a poke-ball. It was fun.
Then the boys came, and things got loud, and silly!
We made up a game of
Pokemon Guess Who.
When you guessed right you got to take 5 cards off of the wall to keep!

(Side note- We went to the movies last week. It cost $25.00. Super fun stuff right? Well my kids were happy to go, but that didn't even compare to their excitement when we went to some strangers house to buy their kids pack of 200 Pokemon cards. It cost $15.00, and when we told them they could have 100 of them they flipped! We only did it so we could use the other 100 for the party, but my question is why did we even take them to the movies if they were going to get so excited over used, old, smelly, cards? What's wrong with kids these days? What is so cool about these things? I'm with superman on this one all the way!)
These are Logan's best friends Jevin, and Jared. Looks like they got what they wanted eh?
He got lots of fun gifts.
All in all a good party.
p.s. I also posted more pics on his Birthday post, we went to the lake that day, and had a really nice time.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

B.S.U. DAY!!!

On Labor day we went to the movies.
"How To Train Your Dragon"
It was so cute!
I accidentally got Henry stuck in the seat during this shot!
He was so stuck I had to take off his shoes before I could POP him out!
Poor kid. The things I'll do for a picture eh?
Good thing he didn't seem to mind, cause it took like two minutes to get him out.
Can you imagine what the people behind me were thinking?
I can, they were probably thinking I was a nerdy, mini-van mom who thinks it's o.k.
to bother other people, or even let my kid get swallowed by a chair if I can
"take a picture!"
But at least I have documentation that my kids have fun parents right?
He also hated it when I made him wear the glasses.
By the way, did you know that my kids think it's cool to look like a thug?
Well they sure do.
I think I'm blaming Peter on this one.
We had so much fun watching the game.
We had homemade pizza.
 And all of us ate, and cheered for Boise.
Here is a glimpse-
Lays-"Go B.S.U., yay Celtics!"
Jay- all steamed up"Waywa! It's not the Celtics. That's basketball!!!"
Lays-"Daddy loves the Celtics."
Tom-"No hunny I love both, and these are the Broncos."
Lays-"O.k.! Go Broncos! Yay Celtics!"
Hey, at least she likes to watch right?
Good times, good times.
Oh, and by the way, I screamed so loud my throat hurt the next day. It was a great game!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Logan's Birthday!

My Logan is
You are getting so big buddy!
You like to ride your bike/scooter up to the pond, like every day,
looking for all the things I think are gross.
Despite the fact that you are getting very old and grown up, you are still good for a hug.
The other day I reached to hold your hand and you hesitated before you took it.
I thought-
"Oh no, pretty soon he isn't going to want to hold my hand."
You are a kind kid, and you get into a LOT of mischief.
You love Jameson, and Layla a lot, but
you love and adore Henry!
All summer you have been dragging him around with you. He loves it, and I love it!
I especially like it when you tote your 27and a half pound "little" bro up and down the slides on the playgrounds. He is sure lucky to have such a great big brother!
The other day in class you had to write about one of your siblings and you chose Henry.
This is what you wrote.
            My Brother is 1 year old. His name is
Henry we were in the car for around 11 hours
yesterday, and he can't talk but wen we got    
in the car to go to my grampas. Which is about
a half an hour he said no no no! And when we
were about there he said yay yay yay!             
He has spineabiffita so he can't walk very well.
His favrite movie is buzz. and hes supuer cute.
and I love him. Because of his spineabiffita he
has a scar.                                                         

I love what you wrote,
and forget how much you think about Henry's stuff.

You pray for him every night.
You also pray that you won't have any dreams, "please, please, please!"
You used to say bad dreams, but now you just don't want ANY!
You have been in the same class as your best friend Jevin since kindergarten.
You LOVE Pokemon!
You like me and your Dad to read to you. We are reading Fablehaven right now.
You like Scouts.
You can E-A-T!!!
Lays loves you so much she lets you finish all of her treats.
You just ask her and she smiles and gives it to you.
You like to read to Jay.
He thinks the sun revolves around you.
You guys are into Lego right now. I loved it when I was a kid too.
When we were on our trip to Yellowstone,
 you asked me and your Dad how long we dated before we got married.
You told us-
"That is not long enough. I think you should have dated for at least a year!"
Thanks for that advice, ya turkey!
Then we decided to remind you that you have to wait till you're 16 to date.
You said-
"Yep, I know. Peter's in the business right now."
You are one funny kid,
and I love you.

So here is the 4-1-1 of his special day!
Logan's early morning party!!!
So I've decided to let the kids open their family gifts right when they wake up.
It is really fun!
That way they get to feel special right when they wake up.
The first one Logan opened was socks and you can see how he took it.
Serves him right for all the socks he ruins.
That kid is way hard on socks and shoes!!!!
He did like the other gifts though,
and I know he is loving not having to scour the house every morning to find
 SOCKS for school!
Tom made cinnamon rolls for breakfast(what a nice dad),
and I finished frosting the cake. 
With a little help from my friends!
I know, I know... It's too small right?

Then we were off to the lake.
I made the same one that I did for Lays. 
Logan decided that it needed to be just as cool as hers.
I guess in Logan's book COOL=TALL, 
even though hers was only that big so I could do the colours of the
 Logan's was a "cool" BEACH cake. The colours,
as you can see, went from blue to green.
When I asked Logan what his favorite part of the day was he said,
So I'd say, all in all, it was a great Birthday!
Logan feels special, and he is especially lucky
to have the friends and family we have.
Thanks for all the phone calls, and gifts everyone.
I can't believe I have a 9year old!