Monday, October 18, 2010

Water, Freak Outs, and one BIG Hole!

So our Weekend was Crazy!
How was yours?
I had a different video, but it didn't work cause it was too long.
Sorry, the other one made way more sense, and I showed everything better,
but what do ya do right?
The water guy came over to our house on Friday and preceded to tell me that my house was hemorrhaging loads of WATER, and when my "Husband" came home he should go look under our house to check if there was any water under there.
I was like- " I don't want to wait for "He-Man" to come home.
How about you tell me how to fix this and I'll do it myself."
But what I actually said was-
 "Do you think I could do it if you told me how?"(insert helpless female smile here)
So he told me what to do. Then when I went to look under the house I realized that I didn't have a flashlight, so I rigged up a lamp and had Logan hold it. Yes I know I was placing my life in his hands, but I was desperate. When I opened the lid to under my house I almost started to cry.
The whole thing was covered in at least a half foot of water!
I just kept thinking "This can not be happening!"
Crappy right?
Well the crappiest part is that it wasn't covered under my insurance. The leak was literally 1 foot away from my house, and it would only have been covered if it was under my house.
So I reminded myself that I had to stay calm,
called Tom who couldn't come home cause he was due in court,
 then I called his Dad(Tim) to come over,
and then I sat on the couch and went comatose for a while.
 I honestly just sat there and stared at the wall. I hate to admit it, but it is what it is.
I was so worried about how much money, that we didn't have, this was going to cost us!
The pretty cool thing is that while I was sitting there wallowing in my own self-pity,
Logan came over,
 put his arm around me,
laid his head on my shoulder,
 and just sat there quietly holding my hand.
 I am so glad that I have him.
He knew exactly what I needed.
Thanks Loganskie, I love you so much!
Here are a few pics of the experience.

after the first day we had to cover it with this-

The next day we finished up and now it looks normal, but a little dirty.

Tom had so much patience and fun with Lays. He taught her that song while he was working. He actually remembered it from Kindergarten. What a sweetie!

Nice to see a little smile eh?
Anyways apart from the fact that Tim and Tom both almost fell into the hole head-first, everything went well. We were able to do all the digging, and fixing ourselves, and it only cost us a few bucks to replace a bit of pipe. Wow right? Thank goodness Tom's parent's could help!
Now I just think my house smells like wet potatoes, and have had several dreams that we got swallowed up in a sink hole, but other than that it's all good!

Monday, October 4, 2010


I don't know where I would be without my little rug rat.
Actually he isn't much of a rug rat anymore cause he has decided to walk!

Can you believe it?
We are just so amazed at what our little miracle can do.When you look at Henry you don't even know he has anything going on,
 but he does,
and it's serious, 
and I will always wish it wasn't so.
 The thing is that that's looking at life with the wrong perspective. Yes Henry has serious things that we have to deal with, but today he started really walking.
They weren't even sure he would ever be able to do that,
 so today we are celebrating!
Besides today's all we ever have isn't it?

I have not always had this positive attitude.
I've been thinking a lot lately about how we felt when we found out about Henry.
I was devastated. Looking back on those 5 months before he was born is painful. I was trying so hard to get through each day. I just couldn't function.
My cousin Jade is going through a similar experience right now, and the sorrow I feel for her is overwhelming. She is 22 weeks, and may not even be able to hold her baby before he goes back home.
I can't hold back the tears.
I don't want her to have to go through this,
 but I know it will make her stronger.
I know Heavenly Father knows what he is doing,
 and I know he loves her little baby just like he loves us all.
I'm so proud of Jade.
 I feel like she already knows everything it took me 2 years to figure out.
The things she says are truly inspiring. I wish I could do more for her, but for now I have added her to my prayers. Each day I pray that Henry will grow healthy and strong, and now I've added Jades little one in that prayer.