Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I told you every trip starts the same way!

This is Waterton National Park in Southern Alberta Canada(eh)!
I grew up going here all the time. I always had a blast, but never appreciated how beautiful this place is!
My kids had such a good time hanging with their cousins!
This was the highlight for the boys. There was a dead gopher on the road.
My sister Sophie is so good to them. She is always going with them to check stuff out!

 This is Cameron Falls
You can climb up to the top. It is cool, but I'm always nervous that the 
kids are going to fall in!
 A trip to Waterton just isn't complete without a trip to the "Extremely Expensive" waffle cone shop!
The deer here act like stray dogs.
I didn't realize how cool that was till I got older either.
Doesn't Tom look worried that the deer is going to ask him to share?

p.s. Logan tried to spank this particular deer. 
I was yelling at him to stop, but he didn't even come close to catching it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't you just love traveling?

All trips start the same way for us!

Before these pics were taken I spent 4 solid days trying to juggle being a "fun mom", and packing. I had one friend say-"What is taking you so long... all you have to do is throw a bunch of clothes in the car."
I am a stress case when it comes to packing. I don't know how to do it any other way.
So by the time we are on the road I'm already spent.
All I have to say is thank heaven for T.V.'s in the car, or I don't think I'd even attempt trips with my kids.
The first night we went to stay with our friends the Starnes.
We are sad they moved.
It was so much fun to see them. The kids loved it.

We had so much fun we may have to stay with them on our way back as well!

The next day we got to go see my mom's mom


We had a really nice time. I loved being there it is always a trip down memory lane. This little block game was my fav when I was little. She also has a really cool clock that gongs out the time.

This is the first time Grandma got to see Henry. She has been so supportive while we have been dealing with everything. Whenever we talk she always leaves me with such good advice. I love her so much. It was too long since I'd seen her and the visit was, as always, too short.

p.s. Grandma and Lays have a ton of the same mannerisms.
I always get a kick out of that.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Do you ever think to yourself "My kids are strange," and then wonder if they get it from you?

So on my last post some of youz guys mentioned that we are a little "strange!"
I have to admit that I think you're on to something.
Case in point.
Why are my children using umbrellas to stop themselves from getting wet when they asked us to turn the sprinklers on?
Why won't Lays let me take her band aids off, even though she got her shots a week ago?
Why is Jay wearing Logan's swimming suit? I think he mooned us 25 times that day.
And WHY does Logan think it's cool to wear a life jacket when he is in the back yard?
Even though I would like to think otherwise...
I know they get it from Tom and me.
The truth is that it's just more fun to be strange!
Lets face it-
Umbrellas are always fun to fiddle with.
If you take your bandaids off, then no one will remember to give you sympathy.
Mooning people is just fun...right Jack?
Life jackets... life jackets... nope, I got nothing! HeHeHe

Saturday, June 19, 2010

High Cotton!

Lost Another tooth!
So in case you can't remember all of my children's life stories, I'll just take a second to get you up to speed. Jameson is a giant! He has the longest big toe that I have ever seen! He hasn't even started kindergarten yet, and he just lost his 4th tooth!
When the 4th one was wiggly, he came to me and said,
Jay- "Mom! Mom!
 He always calls me twice, b/c apparently once is just not enough!
Jay-"Look, my other tooth is loose!"
Me- "That's cool Jay."
Then he looks at me with this adorable little smirk on his face, nods, and says,
Now right about now you are probably thinking

"What the heck is Emily talking about? That makes no sense."

But it's cute cause he remembered this obscure story Tom was telling me one night
 about his  Southern friend who likes to say-
 "You're in the HIGH COTTON!"
Which is a reference to someone who is "doing well."
Now if this isn't the face of someone who is
I don't know what is.
That's a FOUR DOLLAR smile right there!

p.s. The boys have taken to calling each other "Minks!"
These animals supposedly stink so bad that the smell is compared
to a cross between a skunk and a cow farm!
Tom thinks it is so funny. You'll all of a sudden hear one of them say,
"Ya Mink!"
and the other one will retaliate by saying,
"Ya Mink farm!"
The wierdos!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Missy Did it again!

It's finally
Missy did a post on squirt bottles being the new "squirt gun"and...
I just happened to be available to let her snap some shots of Lays and our friends.
All I have to say is,
These pics are so fun!
She's got "mad skills" eh?
You have to check out this post on HowDoesShe?com
it is soooooooo cute!
I love how they are trying to shoot each other, and save their eyes at the same time.
Oh to be
and wear

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's our 10 year anniversary today!
 We were so young!
I made a goal to take a picture every year.
We keep them in their own little album.
But I thought I'd post them in case the house burns down,
and so you all can laugh at this next pic cause it is HORRID!
1st year-  Expecting Logan(Sept. 4th)
                          2nd year- Jack convinced Tom to get a new hair cut!                                     
3rd year- Can't think of much, I know we were in Law school.
4th year- Expecting Jay(Dec 5th).
Logan wanted a green baby named Jo!
5th year- Right before we found out we were expecting Lays!
6th year- Right after we had Lays(March 31st).
7th year- Yay, my first Thanksgiving in three years that I wasn't pregnant!
8th year- Expecting Henry(April 2nd).
Quite freaked out about the whole thing.
9th year- Feeling better about everything.
I don't have our picture for our 10th year yet.
It's funny to see how much time changes you. When I married Tom I loved him so much, but it's nothing compared to today! Now I have 10 years of memories, and get to love five people so much!