Friday, April 30, 2010

I swear to tell the truth!

This post is where I decided to tell on myself. The other day we went to the park with some of our friends. Side note-I am so sad that Nate and Staci are moving! O.k. so the first thing that happened was that I heard Jay say to Mags- "You know I could beat you up!" Ahhhhh! I guess I shouldn't say that to my kids when I'm trying to be funny because they must not get the distinction! Then I LOST Lays. It took me about 3 long minutes to find her.  She was in the bathroom! I swear that is just the worst feeling.
Aren't I an awesome mom?
Oh ya, I don't knw how you all feel about letting your kids climb way up in trees, but I used to do it, so I let Logan do it. I did stop him right where he is in the pic so that's good right? I also keep Henry in his stroller most of the time cause that kid will eat anything. The other day he gobbled up a pudgey little fist full of bark and seriously tried to get more before I could stop the little devil.
The other week Lays and Jay started soccer. She likes it for about 10 minutes then she just runs around.
The last game Jay was playing a blue team and Lay ran into the middle of their game and kicked their ball! It was so cute! I think Tom and I think everything Lays does is cute. That may change in the future. The other day Lays and I were watching "Enchanted" I love that movie! Anyways, at the end when they kiss on the roof. Lays turned to me and said- "Kiss me like they do mommy!" Yikes! So I had to tell her that's not how mommy's and their kids kiss. I said she could kiss boys like that when she is 16. Then Tom told her she isn't allowed to ever kiss boys like that. Awww!
Jay really likes soccer this year! Last year Tom was the coach and used to pick Jay up and run him down the field. This year he is doing great. He loves to be the goalie. I may just be his mom, but I think he is really good at goalie! So the other day one of my kids wrote LAYAJAYAL on the couch. I instantly knew it wasn't Lays cause she can't write as well as it was written. So I thought that it was Logan trying to get away with it by writing someone else's name. When I confronted the kids they all said- "I didn't do it!" Then a few days later (it is cold here right now) one of the kids turned the A.C. on. It was set at like 65%! When I asked which one of them had done it they all said- "I didn't do it!" But this time Logan actually knew it was Jay and told on him. I was shocked cause Jay had really seemed innocent. He looked me straight in the eye and everything! That is when I realized it was probably him who had written the name on the couch and had just done a backwards J most of the time! So
I said - "Jay, I am dissapointed in you for lying, and now I know it was you who wrote on the couch!"
To which he said- "No I didn't!"
me- "Yes you did! Don't lie to me Jay!"
Jay-(all shocked and defeated) "How did you know?!!!!" 
Nice eh? Why do we all have to be so tempted to try to get away with stuff? 
I once had a friend say that she didn't think she would be a good mom cause she didn't like to do little kid things. This is a good example of what I told her. I love the Zoo. Not just cause my kids love it, but because they love it, I actually get to talk to my friends without feeling guilty for ignoring them. Then I get to post cute pics of them having fun and look like an awesome mother.
Logan had a "Pinewood Derby" The first run he lost and was so sad he left the gym. I followed and gave him the best motivational speech I think I have ever given.
Logan- "My car sucks! It was so slow! I suck!"
Me- "Yep the car was slow, but that doesn't mean you suck. You and your dad just aren't that good at building a wooden car. You are great at lots of stuff.
Logan- "Mom I don't care. I suck and am not going to race it again!" 
Me- "How do you think the kids on your baseball team feel when they don't make it on base? They don't quit. What about the kids who have trouble with their schoolwork?"
Logan- "Mom, that is so not the same thing!"
Me- (I'm running out of time cause it is almost his turn again) "If you go back in there and act like you don't care if you win or lose then I'll buy you some ice-cream!"
Logan- ( instantly brightens up) "O.K. can it be a blizzard!"
Me- "Yep Log, it can."
 Did I just teach him if he doesn't like something and pouts about it I'll buy him ice-cream? 
Do you ever feel your best speeches are wasted?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthdays, Easter, a visit from my fam, and the dreaded M.R.I.!

This past little while has been way too busy!
I don't really want to start my post off by complaining... but I don't ever want to have two kids' birthdays (resulting in three parties), Easter, and Henry's M.R.I. all in one week again!
I also doubt that it will ever happen, so there's the silver lining right?
So here is how it went down.
The 31st was Lays' actual Birthday. The party wasn't till the 6th but we couldn't just let it pass so we did gifts, coloured Easter Eggs, she picked all the meals, and we had strawberry short cake with candles for desert. I added pictures to her Birthday post so you can check them out.
The 1st we celebrated that neither Lays, nor Henry had to be born on April Fools day. Don't you think if your Birthday was on that day everyone would target you?
On the 2nd We had Henry's Birthday Party. I hate it when my kids grow up, but I think I hate their first Birthday the worst. Wouldn't it be nice if kids took two years to get as old as they are when they turn one? I always feel like I go through all the horrible pregnancy stuff for like a year. The next year I spend getting myself back together and then my baby isn't a baby anymore! I put more pics on his b-day post too.
On the 3rd we celebrated commercial Easter. Did you know that you can ask the Easter Bunny to come on Saturday? We love it. Then our kids get to concentrate on the resurrection of our Savior on Sunday.
This is them "Easter Bunny" Morning.
Logan decided to celebrate early by waking the entire house up at 5:30am!
He ran around the house locating everyone's basket, and did he keep the secret whereabouts quiet?
I was not impressed.
Don't worry, karma sometimes works quickly. Logan found everyone's basket but his own!
So we sent them all back to bed and poor Logan could not find his basket till about 10:00am!
Do you think I should feel bad for him? Maybe I should, but I so don't!
On the 4th We got to watch more Conference.
I love Conference.
On the 5th I spent the day getting everything ready for Lays' party, and for my family to come. That night I went to Missy's house to decorate. We were both so tired that we got laughing and couldn't stop all night. It didn't help that we had to blow up 50 balloons for the rainbow banner. That is when Missy decided to inform me between hysterical laughter how rediculous I looked blowing up balloons! I realized it was true cause she looked silly too, and by then we were aching from the giggles and trying not to wake her kids. Good times, good times. I think we were oxygen deprived though.

On the 6th my family came just in time for Layla's Rainbow Polka-Dot party. So much fun!
On the 7th Tom took us on a tour of the State Capitol Building, we went to lunch at the Food Network featured  restaurant the "Westside Drive In," and then we finished our "touristy" day at the B.S.U. store where Mom bought us all t-shirts! It was fun, but the whole day I was dreading the 8th because Henry had to have his very first M.R.I.!
So the 8th started @ 4:30 because Henry had to fast for his procedure and I wanted to give him his final meal. I'm still not sure if this was a good idea cause the turkey decided not to go back to sleep after! So @9:00 Tom and I took him into the Hospital where they were running late so he didn't even get put under till 11:45. The poor kid held up pretty well. He sucked on his soother so hard that it made red marks on his face, and occasionally would spit it out and "yell" at us. For those of you who know Henry, that was it's own little miracle cause the kid likes to eat!
It is hard to describe how it feels when Henry has to go through things like this. I had to help hold him down while two nurses braced his leg and stuck an I.V. in his foot. I had to lay my little sleeping baby down on a bed while a Doctor shot a sedative that stings into his I.V., and try to calm him when he woke up screaming for 13 seconds before the drug kicked in and knocked him unconscious. I had to kiss him goodbye and watch while they took my little baby away. I had to ponder while he was gone that each time they take him away there is a possibility he won't come back. Sometimes people will say "I don't know how you do it!" While I was thinking about that statement I realized two things; #1. There is no other option. We do it because it is what's best for Henry, and #2.  I know myself, and I know I cannot do it alone. I know my Heavenly Father is always with me, calming me, and holding me up. These pictures are taken after they gave him back to me. I am never so happy as when I get him back.
He is my Miracle!

p.s. I still haven't heard the results.
That is good news b/c if it wasn't they would have called me.
I'll write more when I hear.

Friday, April 2, 2010

We Have a Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday Handsome Henry!
I cannot believe my little baby is 1 year old today!
This year truly has been... I can't even think of what I want to say. I just love this little guy so much!
Talk about unconditional love! He loves everyone, and everyone loves him!
Henry is doing so many things that we weren't sure he would ever be able to do.
I remember thinking that his disability would surely slow him down, but I was so wrong.
He rips books off of shelves, pulls the d.v.d. player off of the stand, and ravages the dishwasher.
If a door opens he will book it over there as fast as possible,
and I made the mistake of letting his P.T. teach him how to crawl up the stairs.
He truly is a "terror" and I wouldn't have it any other way!
                                                                             p.s. Please stop growing up!

So here are some pics of Hens party!
Henry loves Ice Cream so I made him an Ice Cream "shamich" Cake!
I didn't want you to miss out on any of it! That kid can EAT!
Doesn't he look all gown up sitting there with his big brothers?