Monday, February 6, 2012

I just posted 567,982 posts, and feel the need to explain:)

Hello fellow bloggers,
Family members:)
Sorry it's been SO long since I've posted. I have three perfectly good excuses for ya-
#1. My computer broke!
#2. Tom got a new job so we moved right back to Idaho!!
#3. I feel like I can't post new stuff till I get caught up on the mountain of old stuff, so I haven't done anything!!!
On that note, I have decided to post the old stuff in the right-ish order, but I'm not writing anything on those posts... yet. That way I can at least sort of satisfy my anal "everything has to be in the right order" self, without paralyzing my "I only have time to post the new craziness" self.
Glad we had this little chat. Hope you enjoy my mountain of photos:)


  1. Okay I am thinking of a number....... 567 982. Oh. Ya that's what best friends do right. That and drink dr. Pepper and do other crazy dumb things at 2 am. I will be back look at your blog when I have more than 2 seconds, can't wait. Love ya

  2. HAHAHAHA. Susie:) Of course I remember that! That's one of the best games we ever made up;)

  3. Loved all of the pictures. It's hard to believe you even had time to PACK with all of those visitors coming! Can't wait to see you next week! ☺

  4. I have been waiting for them!!! so glad you came through!! adore ya!!!